Ministry of the Interior

Without a doubt, this is my favourite building in Riyadh.

Completed in 1992, it was designed by architects Musalli, Shakir, and Mandili.

The Ministry of Interior is responsible for the security forces of Sa’udi Arabia and also the smooth functioning of many departments – Health, Education, Courts and Police and Municipalities. The footprint of the Ministry building spreads over two million square feet.

It is in the shape of a reversed pyramid with its narrower base supporting broader upper storeys.

Steel interconnected beams hold the entire structure together.

At night time the lighting is breathtaking and you can see why the building is known to many visitors as the Flying Saucer or the Spaceship.

On the southern side of the ‘new’ town, the Interior Ministry is situated on the east side of the King Fahd highway, opposite the Intercontinental Hotel and just south of the Makkah-Khureis highway.

If you’re driving, the best views of it can be seen from where Olaya Street crosses Al Ma’ther Street.
24 47.1’ N, 46 50.1’ E

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