Every Saudi city has its Harraj – or junk souq – and Riyadh is no different in this respect. What is different about this one, however, is that it is likely to be one of the biggest ‘flea markets’ you’ll ever have come across in the world.

Situated in the district of Manfouha, the souq seems to go on and on for ever. In one area you can buy clothes – a huge selection often in excellent condition for as little as SR1 a piece: anything from tee-shirts to thobes to designer dresses to wedding gowns.

Move round the corner and you’ll come across washing machines – new and second hand – stretching into the distance, whilst there are areas for pots and pans, carpets, office furniture, computer parts, car bits and pieces – you name it, it has it. It even has a mini-souq for chandeliers!

Even if you’re not interested in grabbing yourself a bargain, it’s still a fantastic place to explore – especially in the evenings when the place is jam packed with people.

You get to Manfouha district by driving south down Batha’a Street as far as you can go; just before you meet the southern ring road, Harraj is on your right hand side. Alternatively, drive down King Fahd Highway and at the southern flyovers turn left (signposted Al Kharj). Come off at the second exit (marked for Al Hair) and turn left under the flyover and left again. Harraj is now on your right hand side.

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