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If you’re planning to visit the Ibex Reserve or the King Khaled Wildlife Research Centre then the chances are that you will need to go to the head office of the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development for information and permits.

Established in 1986, the NCWD tries to restore natural habitats, reintroduce endangered species and, most significantly, seek the partnership of local people. Of its many successes, it is best known for the reintroduction of the Nubian Ibex, the Rheem gazelle and the Arabian Oryx.

Whilst at the NCWCD, spend some time in their visitors’ centre which has a collection of stuffed animals and birds that are native to the Kingdom.

This might be the nearest you will ever get to an Ibex, an Oryx, a Dhab or a Steppe Eagle. Basically, if it flies, crawls, swims or burrows anywhere in the kingdom, there’s a good chance it will have been stuffed here and put on display!

The Centre is on Khazzan Street – otherwise known as Imam Faisal ibn Turki ibn Abdul Aziz Street – near to Shimaisi Hospital, and can be visited (men only, in theory, but they don’t appear to be too particular!) from 8am till 12 noon on weekdays.

Go into the main entrance of the NCWCD from the street and turn left. The Centre is straight ahead of you. If it is closed, go round the building anticlockwise and ask in the office next to the Centre.

NCWCD: 24 38.22’ N; 46 41.49’E

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