King Faisal Gallery

There is a very interesting gallery all about the life and times of the late King Faisal containing many artefacts that belonged to him.

Here you will find some of his swords and pistols; there is a mass of ceremonial keys and there are various medals of honour awarded to him, such as the Dutch Order of Orange & Nassau, the Iranian Order of Pahlavi and the British Order of St Michael & St George.

Signed photographs from statesmen of his era – including Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, U Thant, Nehru, Emperor Hirohito and others – make an interesting display in one of the upstairs rooms, and there are fascinating items such as his first passport issued in Makkah in 1926, which lists his occupation as ‘Viceroy in Hedjaz’.

Also on display is a handwritten letter from him to his father, King Abdul Aziz.

Much space is also devoted to the work he did for the cause of Islam, and there is a poignant corner devoted to his assassination which includes some of the items found in his pockets after he was shot.

The King Faisal Gallery can be found inside the Faisal Foundation Building, just to the south of the Faisaliah Tower on King Fahd Highway.

Entrance is free and opening times are from 9am to 12 and from 5pm to 9pm for both men and women.

Go up the first set of main stairs and turn left and the Gallery is in front of you.

24 41.47’ N; 46 40.99’ E

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