King Fahd Stadium

Located on the eastern side of Riyadh, the King Fahd International Stadium is a two-tier, circular Olympic stadium capable of seating 70,000 people.

It was constructed in 1987 by the British firm Ian Fraser, John Roberts and Partners together with Ain Friezer and Partners who designed it as an international FIFA football field.

With its tent-like roof structure giving it a magnificent crown, you can see it from miles away; but one of the best views you can get of it may well be as you fly in to Riyadh.

The 24 teflon-coated fibreglass roof masts, arranged around a 247 metre diameter circle, cantilever 56 metres over the seating area, providing shade to spectators.

It’s the largest stadium cover in the world, covering a plan area of 47,000 square metres. Under the seating are three levels of support services and public facilities. There are numerous sporting fixtures played here.

King Fahd Stadium can be found on the far eastern edge of the city, visible from miles away.

From Kingdom Centre, go south down Olaya Street or King Fahd Highway until you meet the Makkah-Khureis Road and turn eastwards.

Cross the eastern ring road and travel roughly the same distance again. The stadium will be on your left.
24 47.1’ N, 46 50.1’ E

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