Although Riyadh is still probably one of the least well known capital cities in the world, it's a match for any other city with its stunning architecture and wealth of places to visit.

Broad highways criss cross this metropolis, sweeping over or under one another in an impressive and ever growing road network. In between the towering, futuristic buildings and luxurious shopping malls are nestled ancient mosques and other remnants of times gone by.

Since 1982, Riyadh has been the capital of Saudi Arabia. Today it extends for some 1,600 square kilometres (600 square miles) and has a population of around five million.

For many people arriving in Riyadh, however, finding information about the various attractions can be extremely frustrating since much is passed on by word of mouth, opening times vary depending on whether you are male or female, and that all depends, of course, on whether you can actually find the venue in the first place!

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